Welcome to the website of Dr Sean McNelis.

The major focus of his current research is Functional Collaboration, a new way of understanding and doing science that facilitates collaboration between researchers. Functional collaboration integrates a range of methods for understanding the past and looking to the future.

His other three areas of interest are housing, economics and philosophy.

In recent years, his work on housing research has focused on two foundational questions:

  • what are we doing when we are doing housing research and policy?
  • how do we make progress in housing?

He is seeking to promote functional collaboration within housing research as a way of dealing with this complex set of issues. He is also working on a comprehensive heuristic of housing, one which is applicable to housing in many diverse forms throughout the world. See his book, Making Progress in Housing: A Framework for Collaborative Research for an extensive discussion of these issues.

This website also presents material on a new economics. Indeed, it makes the claim that this new economics is the beginnings of the science of economics.

The inspiration for his research is the ground breaking work of the Canadian methodologist, philosopher, theologian and economist, Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984).

He would welcome any feedback or questions you may have on the research presented on this website.