Livability, equity and well-being as values: what role does housing play?

In July 2022, the Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research held its annual conference online. Included in this post are the text and video of the short presentation as well as an expanded version.

Presentation (PDF – 5 pages plus slides)

Video (15 minutes)

Expanded version (PDF – 12 pages)

Your feedback on these presentations would be welcome. You can post it below.

Values have had an ambivalent and turbulent history within the social sciences. Social researchers have preferred to understand society and housing as the outcome of the interests, motivations and attitudes of social agents. Notwithstanding, in recent years, some housing researchers have pointed to the importance of values in the design of housing, consumer preferences, debates around the right to housing and analysis of housing issues, policies and outcomes. In the context of a renewed interest in a values-based approach to housing research, this paper will put forward a new definition of values, distinguish between different types of values, argue that the realm of values is fundamentally social and that housing systems are constituted values. The paper will conclude by returning to the theme of APNHR2022, Housing and the City: Livability, Equity and Well-being, and outline the characteristics of housing that play a role in bringing about the values of livability, equity and well-being.

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